You will never see me go down- Angry Atwoli fires at Robert Alai

Total disgrace to name a street in Nairobi after Atwoli- Lawyer Ahmednasir

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has been embroiled in a ‘war of words’ with Blogger Robert Alai after he took to Twitter to castigate the act of naming a road after him.

In a tweet, Alai claimed that naming a Road after the COTU Boss was an insult to Kenyan workers.

“A Francis Atwoli Road is an insult to Kenyan worker. Huge insult” tweeted Alai.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Atwoli fired back at the controversial blogger stating that he (Alai) has done nothing for this Country other than gaining followers on twitter.

He added that the blogger always wishes for his down fall, something he says will never happen.

“I know you better than you actually know yourself, and I won’t give in to what you want. In fact, I will see you go down but never will you see me go down. And by the way, what have you done in this life other than gaining followers on twitter and surviving on extortionism?” said Atwoli in a tweet.

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The war of words between the two come hours after the Nairobi County government under the leadership of Anne Kananu Mwenda named a Kileleshwa road after Atwoli “Francis Atwoli Road”.

A delighted a Atwoli thanked the County government with a statement that says; “I want to thank the leadership of Nairobi County, under @annkananu_, for this great honour and recognition of services to the Government of the day, the community and Worker’s at large. We will continue offering our unwavering support to the leadership of the County”.

He later quashed reports purporting that the signpost bearing the name of the road named after him had been vandalized.

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Fake News

“Nothing was removed to make you happy, don’t waste your time celebrating fake news! God’s wish is Paramount

“The fake writers for fake news will never cease and their wish is not God’s wish!”

“Fake News from “Hustler Nation Press”. They detest hard work and success that is merit based. The SG of @COTU_K has selflessly rendered his service to the workers of Kenya, Africa and the World thus this fete by the Nairobi County government”.

Nairobi Road named after COTU Boss Francis Atwoli
Nairobi Road named after COTU Boss Francis Atwoli

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi also joined the conversation, expressing displeasure in the act of naming a Nairobi road after Atwoli.

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“Total disgrace to name a street in Nairobi after @AtwoliDza .What are we telling poor workers he abandoned for the sake of my BELOVED JUBILEE? He is a BILLIONAIRE in a country where labour is enslaved by capital owners. He dines/wines with the rich/powerful & is disdainful of poor” tweeted Ahmednasir.

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